In 5 days, We'll Launch A "Messenger funnel" That generates real fans From Scratch, makes predictable income, and provides true fan engagement
"This is the first time I've ever gotten a response like this to my music..."
Co-Founder of SweetThing
Wake up every day with new messages from fans. Guaranteed.
Michael Walker
Founder of Modern Musician

Are you reaching NEW FANS every day who actually message you about how much they appreciate your music?

(If not, I have good on...)

If you’re a musician (or manager), and your fanbase isn’t growing as fast as it should, I’m willing to bet that the REAL REASON you’re stuck isn’t what you think it is. 
  • Yes, promotion is expensive…
  • ​Yes, the market is saturated…
  • ​Yes, a pandemic has fundamentally changed the way you live and work, and you haven't been able to book many shows…
…but are any of these factors the REAL REASON you’re stuck?

I don’t think so.

In fact, I believe…

The REAL REASON your career has stalled…

The REAL REASON your fanbase isn't growing…

The REAL REASON you just flat out aren’t making as much MONEY as you should be making with your music usually comes down to one thing…

You're Not Building REAL Connections With Fans

Here’s the deal: Most average "music marketing campaigns" focus mainly on streams, views, follows, likes, or comments.

If you’ve ever run Social Media Ads or Playlisting/PR campaigns, tell me if this sounds familiar…
  • You launch a brand-new campaign for your newest song/album release. 
  • ​After a day or two, you've gotten some views and streams... maybe a few likes/comments. 
  • ​You see your numbers have grown on these platforms, but you're not really sure how legitimate they are.
  • ​You're hardly generating any income, but at least people are seeing your content.
"This is just the way it is in 2021, right?"

You need to get eyes and ears on your content, so you tell Facebook, Instagram, Google, and any random Playlist Service… 
But then, something happens...

You realize that you're spending money to get views or streams, but you have no idea if you're reaching actual fans.

You're generating some numbers on social media, but you don't know if anyone is really listening or truly cares about your music.

You feel like you're throwing money down the drain (and you probably are), but you don't know what else to try, so you throw all of your extra money into a marketing budget to get more views and streams.
  • “What happened?” you ask yourself…
  • “Why is it so hard to find true fans in 2021 who actually support my music career?"
            Most musicians won’t admit it, but THIS is the question we’re all DESPERATELY trying to answer.

            And the good news is, I’m about to do just that…

            It turns out, the secret to building a supportive fanbase has almost nothing to do with your ability to get more streams for your music. 

            Of course you need to get your music in front of people. 

            But in this day and age, anyone can do that (and just about everyone is trying to)

            So, if the secret to building a true fanbase isn’t more streams, then what is?

            The liberating truth you must understand is this…

            There's No Such Thing As A "Streams Problem"

            I’ll say that again, because it’s important…

            “There’s no such thing as a streams problem.”

            Today, it’s easier than ever to get streams for your music.

            Getting more streams is a lot like buying a book. 

            If you want a book, you go to a book store (a.k.a. Amazon) and you order the book.

            Similarly, if you want streams, all you have to do is go to the “streams store,” (a.k.a. Google, Facebook, and Instagram) and order up some streams with ads.

            You may not fully believe what I’m about to say, but trust me…

            …streams are the easy part.

            The more challenging piece to the puzzle (and the secret to building a true fanbase & making money with your music) is what happens AFTER a listener streams your music.

            To put it another way…

            The Real Secret To PROFITABLY Building A True Fanbase Is getting "In Tune" with Your Listeners

            I realize this is all a bit cryptic, so please allow me to explain...
            The chart above shows the four things you need to do to gain a TRUE FAN from scratch.
            • NEW LISTENER – You target the right potential fans, who stream your music for the first time.
            • ​INTUNE CONVERSATION – You have an inTune Conversation with your potential fan. 
            • ​FAN COMMUNITY –  Your potential fan is no longer just a "listener" - they get the opportunity to join your fan community, where you can engage with them regularly.
            • MERCH & MUSIC SALES – Your new fan actually pays you!
            Can I be blunt with you?

            The fact is, it’s fairly easy to build a marketing campaign that gets more streams for your music. But usually, these are from casual listeners who listen one time, enjoy your music, then keep moving on with their lives.

            This is equivalent of driving by someone with your music blaring in your car stereo, then never seeing that person again.

            …it just doesn’t take a world-class marketing genius to pull that off.

            But here’s the problem…

            Those streams are meaningless because you have no way to reach them again, share your next song with them, and turn them into REAL FANS who care about your music & support you financially.

            In other words, while increasing your followers/streams might make your profile look a little nicer, they…



                                     …pay you anything.

            And THIS Is Why Money Dries Up and Musicians Get Frustrated...

            Nearly all of the musicians I talk to who have amazing music but can't seem to generate real fans & revenue have the exact same problem...

            …they are focused on numbers, not relationships (aka ONE FAN).

            They’re either trying to get more listeners on Spotify/YouTube, trying to get more followers on Instgram or more likes on Facebook, or trying to get people to like their posts.

            ...But almost no one is actively creating campaigns and funnels designed to start CONVERSATIONS with potential fans, which is about 1,000x more effective than spamming them, telling them to go stream your music.

            So, if you want to generate REAL, engaged fans from scratch and make predictable income, your mission is simple…

            You need to build a traffic system that can share your music with new listeners, start conversations, lead fans to your community, and generate predictable sales.  

            You need to build campaigns that can attract strangers (who have never heard your music) and convert them into paying fans.

            And to do that, you’re going to need a “Messenger Funnel”…

            How The "Messenger Funnel" Came To Be... 

            Yep, this is a picture of me with my band Paradise Fears, and yep...

            ...this was taken over 10 years ago. 
            Fast forward 2 years later, and we landed a tour with All Time Low (our favorite band) and played for thousands of fans every night.

            We released an album that hit #2 on iTunes, got over 24 million Spotify streams, and reached over 17 million YouTube views.

            …and through it all, one lesson has remained true: 

            The ability to convert total strangers into real fans AT A PROFIT is the single most valuable skill any musician  can have.

            Unfortunately for me, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. 

            But then…

            ONE FAN Took My Band From Surviving on Peanut Butter Tortillas to Earning 6 Figures

            When the picture above was taken, my bandmates and I had just graduated from high school.

            We had no idea we were about to embark on the journey that would completely change our lives, as well as the lives of independent musicians around the world.

            Now, my team and I have helped thousands of independent musicians successfully implement the exact strategy that landed my band national tours and sold out shows. 
            You see... years before my band was able to sell out national tours, we tried so many different promotion strategies, most of which didn’t work. 

            We played a lot of shows for the same friends and family.

            We booked our first regional “tour” ourselves, and hardly anyone came out.

            We lived in our cars, slept in Walmart parking lots & survived on peanut butter tortillas.

            We didn’t have anyone to tell us the right way to grow our fanbase, so we had to struggle to figure it out ourselves.

            We were determined to impact as many people with our music as we could, and we were willing to do whatever it took to make that happen.

            The only problem was...

            We Didn't Know How To Actually Find & Connect With New Fans

            That was our biggest challenge.

            Along the way, we made a LOT of mistakes that I'm going to help you avoid...

            ...and one of the biggest mistakes you could make is focusing too much on the number of streams / followers you have.

            Eventually, we got over 24 million streams on Spotify, but it wasn't because we focused on vanity metrics.

            I want to share what I believe is the #1 strategy that works for independent musicians 100% of the time, no matter what style of music you make.

            This strategy goes against almost everything you hear in today's music marketing landscape...

            And that's exactly why it works so well...

            ...I call it the "1Fan" Method.

            "Wait, Really? ONE Fan?"

            • "But isn't this a numbers game?"
            • "Why just one fan?"
            • "Didn't your band hit #2 on iTunes,  over 24 million Spotify streams, and 17 million YouTube views?"


            ...and yes.

            But those numbers don't really matter.

            Sure, it's a numbers game... But I'm here to tell you that the number of streams, views, and listeners you have for your music isn't what matters most. 

            What matters is the number of ACTUAL FANS you have.

            Let's talk about numbers that DO matter...

            5,000 streams on Spotify might earn you around $20.

            But what if just ONE of those listeners becomes a dedicated fan?
            • They buy a $35 ticket to your Live or Virtual Concert
            • ​They purchase a $47 Merch Pack
            • They tip you $25 on a livestream​
            • ​They join your Patreon at $17/mo
            • They join your Texting/Email List, and now they stream all of your music immediately when it drops.
            • ​Most importantly, you actually had a conversation with them... and you've personally connected with them.
            That ONE FAN just paid you $125

            Then, when you add their remaining Patreon support to the total, they are paying you $311 per year. 

            And those numbers don't even include what you will earn from them obsessively streaming your music and sharing it with their friends.
            To put this into perspective for you...

            With just 100 fans like the One Fan described above, you'll be making $31,100 per year.

            With 300, you'll be making $93,300.

            And when you gain 1,000, you'll be making $331,000.

            But guess what?

            That's Actually Not Even The Best Part... 

            If you're like me, you probably didn't become a musician because you were looking for the easiest way to make lots of money. (If so, you might have chosen the wrong career path!)

            There's nothing wrong with making a sustainable living and providing for yourself and your family. You deserve to make a ton of money and live a life of total ABUNDANCE.

            But honestly, the most fulfilling aspect of this whole thing isn't about the money.

            The best part of the 1Fan Method is that once we have your Messenger Funnel launched, your fans will be sending you messages like this, every single day:
            👇🏿  👇🏾  👇🏽  👇🏼  👇🏻
            👆🏿  👆🏾  👆🏽  👆🏼  👆🏻

            Those are just a few examples of the messages our clients receive every day from their "Messenger Funnel" we set up together.

            This is hands-down the most valuable thing you will receive - the motivation that comes from knowing that your songs are actually being heard and making a difference in others' lives.

            Imagine waking up every day with messages from new fans who are thanking you for creating your music.

            ...when you join the 1Fan Challenge, you will get those messages regularly. 

            How My Band Used The 1Fan Method To Secure A Tour Slot With Our Favorite Band

            Traditional music marketing tells you to blast your music everywhere you possibly can, and hope a few people listen.

            The 1Fan Method tells you instead to directly target the right fans, then start conversations with them.

            This brings me back to the story of how my band went from sleeping in our cars to selling out tours. 

            After trying (and failing) to build a fanbase the traditional way, we decided to try something different. 

            Our goal was to go on tour with our favorite band, All Time Low, so we decided that the best way to make that happen was to connect personally with their fans. 

            So... We followed their entire tour.
            • We connected with their die-hard fans at the front of VIP lines.
            • We shared our music with those fans and got amazingly positive feedback​.
            • ​We had genuine human conversations with them.
            • ​We sold over 24,000 CDs to random strangers line. 
            We personally connected with well with tens of thousands of fans during that tour. We called it "Tour Hacking."

            But the important thing to remember is that we did it ONE FAN at a time.

            And guess what... Because of the connections and relationships we built with their fans, All Time Low actually brought us on their next tour with them as an opening act.

            "But how does this apply to me?" 

            Don't worry, you won't have to follow anyone around on tour. 

            Even if you did have the time for that, there's also this tiny problem where all major tours have been postponed indefinitely. 

            But remember, I told you at the beginning of this, I have good news... 

            You Can Start Using The 1Fan Method Every Single Day... Without Even Leaving Your Home

            After experiencing massive success "Tour Hacking" with Paradise Fears, I built a team of digital music marketing experts and set out to replicate the process using direct digital marketing.

            While I didn't realize it at the time, this "1Fan Method" (as it came to be known by my team) unlocked the true secret to profitable fanbase growth.

            We have helped hundreds of musicians implement and optimize their "Messenger Fan Funnels" in our top of the line Artist Development Program, the Gold Artist Academy.

            And now, I want YOU to have your own "Messenger Fan Funnel"...

            The 1Fan Challenge

            Together in just 5 days, We'll Launch A "Messenger funnel" That generates real fans From Scratch, makes predictable income, and provides true fan engagement
            To be clear, this is NOT a course.

            This is a live, interactive challenge where we will work together for 5 days to build a “Messenger Fan Funnel” for your music.

            Then, we'll work together for 5 more days to fine tune your messenger funnel.

            That's 10 TOTAL DAYS of awesomeness.

            Here’s how it’ll to work…

            The challenge kicks off on Tuesday, June 1st.

            Each day, you’ll be invited to a live training where I’ll teach the core lesson, answer your questions, and give you a simple action item to complete prior to the next lesson.

            You’ll also be added to a member’s only community where you can get all your questions answered in real-time and interact with your fellow “1Fan Challengers.”

            The first day we’ll focus on strategy (which is super-important, as I’m sure you can imagine). Days 2-5, we’ll actually design, set up, and launch your “Messenger Fan Funnel.”

            At that point,  you'll be waking up every day with new messages from fans who are interested in listening to your music.

            Day 6, we will focus on what to do after a fan enters your Messenger Fan Funnel to turn them into a Super Fan.

            Then Days 7-9, we'll work together to take your Messenger Fan Funnel to the next level.

            The Grand Finale will be on Day 10... A two hour long Messenger Masterclass where I will share with you 5 steps to making $5k per month with your music online (using the exact funnel we will have just created together).

            At the end of this challenge, you’ll have a simple, actionable fan funnel that  gets you brand new fans from scratch, plus a roadmap to your full-time career in music.

            In short…

            By this time next week, you’ll have your own “Messenger Fan Funnel”…and you'll have fans reaching out to YOU 🙂

            So there you have it.

            The secret to solving all your fanbase growth challenges could be just 1Fan Away.

            I hope you’ll join us.
            Michael Walker
            Founder & CEO | Modern Musician

            Here's What You'll Get When You Join The 1Fan Challenge...

            5 Days Of Daily Live Interactive Training Via Zoom: 60 minutes of daily live training from Michael Walker as well as a few surprise special guest trainers. ($295 Value)
            The 1Fan Challenge Private Facebook Group: Join a community of likeminded musicians as we work together to build fan funnels that generate real fans from scratch, and even share our “funnels” with one another for feedback and advice. ($100 Value)
            5 BONUS Days: 5 Days of extended live training with Michael Walker (and surprise guests), with a Grand Finale 2-Hour-Long Messenger Masterclass. ($497 Value)
            Your Very Own Messenger Fan Funnel: By the end of this challenge you will have successfully created your own messenger funnel that generates real fans from scratch and provides true fan engagement! (Priceless)

            Who Is Michael Walker?

            Who Is Michael Walker?

            Michael Walker is leading a revolution in today’s music industry. Having personally reached 17 million views on YouTube, working with Grammy Award-winning producers and touring internationally to perform for hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide - Michael is one of those rare mentors who has actually walked the walk of their own methodology.

            Starting out with pure grass-roots techniques, he and his band Paradise Fears went from living out of their cars to selling 24,000 albums in 6 months and reaching #2 on the iTunes Alternative Charts.

            Taking his clients through a 3-tier system, Artist Identity, Passionate Fan Base and Revenue Multiplier; Michael provides artists with the tools necessary to create a lasting career in the music industry.

            Let's Build a High-Converting "Messenger Fan Funnel" That Generates Fans From Scratch...In Just 5 Days!

            Join The 1Fan Challenge and Get...

            • 5 Days of Interactive LIVE Training with Michael Walker
            • ​Your Very Own "Messenger Fan Funnel"
            • ​Private “1Fan Challengers Only” Facebook Group
            • ​BONUS: 5 Days of Bonus LIVE Training with Michael & Special Guests
            • ​BONUS: Grand Finale Messenger Masterclass
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