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Announcing This Year's 
2022 Gold Artist Award Winners

Just a few of our standout clients in 2022!

2022 "Gold Artist Of The Year" Awards

Awarded to the top Modern Musician Artist of 2022, chosen by a combination of team & community voting!

1st Place - "Diamond"

Fifi R.

2nd Place - "Platinum"

Shane H.

3rd Place - "Gold"

Hannah A.

Additional Finalists...

Russ S.

Matt F.

Marla L.

Sally G.

Annie B.

Steve R.

Morgan E.

Kaila L.

Brett W.

More Modern Musician Case Studies, Results & Testimonials:

Streaming Success & Industry Recognition
Our Clients ↓

Streaming Success & Industry Recognition
← Our Clients

NEW Fans Paying Musicians $5k+
All From Our Fan 
Funnel System ↓ 

Musicians making $5k+ in a single day
All From Our Fan Funnel System→


"It's taken me from a state of feeling depressed and having low self esteem... to feeling like things are possible, and KNOWING that I can do something to change my career."


$8,600.25 New Revenue

$9,200+ Revenue
In 7 Days → 

$9,200+ Revenue
In 7 Days  ↓ 

$10.9K Revenue
In Just 3 Months From
Existing Fans  ↓

$10.9K New Revenue
← From Fans of Their Music


"Connecting with the Modern Musician team and methods has been the best investment I have made so far in my career"


More NEW Fans 
Paying Musicians,
All From Our Fan 
Funnel System  ↓

More Artist Breakthroughs
Using Our Fan 
← Funnel System


"When I was starting out, I had no fanbase at all. Ground zero as far as my marketing...  After working with Modern Musician, we made over 100 merch sales this year."


Opening Sold Out Shows For Bigger Bands/Artists →

Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns 
By Our Artists ↓

Opening Sold Out Shows For Bigger Bands/Artists  ↓

Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns ↓


"At first, I was honestly really skeptical. Before I found Modern Musician, I thought I had things that were working, but I had no idea what you could create if you just new how to automate EVERYTHING . . . Now I'm selling merch on auto-pilot, which is INSANE."


Path To $5k/mo 
With Our Fan 
Funnel System ↓

Path To $5k/mo
With Our Fan 
← Funnel System


"Modern Musician has done more than half the work and met me more than halfway on everything... I can truly believe in myself & see a future I could never envisioned before."



"Before I met Michael, our marketing was sort of in shambles..."

"We started the year with ZERO email subs... we're already up to 1,250 now."


464% Growth
In Just 3 Months ↓



"I'd say the biggest personal benefit is the transformation..."

"What did I learn? I learned I CAN do online marketing... Without wanting to die"


Fan Feedback
& Lives Changed...
 All Using Our Fan 
Funnel System ↓

Fan Feedback & Lives Changed
All Using Our Fan Funnel System ↓


"Now, I have a plan... I've always been searching for that"


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes this different from other video courses & offers? 
The average completion rate of a video course is extremely low (around 3%). 

What makes us different is that we're not a video course

We have a team of 30+ coaches who will work personally with you to help you accomplish your goals. If you show up to your 1:1 sessions, there is a 100% chance that your music marketing system will be successfully launched. 

  • If I apply, what are my chances of getting accepted into the program? 
Based on current statistics, about 4% of artists who apply for the Gold Artist Academy end up getting accepted. But if you don't apply, though, you have a 0% chance of getting accepted!
Worst case scenario, you get on a call and experience the most valuable 45 minute conversation you'll have this year. Best case scenario, you get accepted into the program and grow your music career more in three months than you have in the last 10 years combined.
  • Why do I have to apply? Can't I just pay and get started? 
No, this is not like a vending machine or convenient store. 
We work very personally with our clients, and we have a very thorough application process to ensure that you are a good fit before we allow you to pay us any money. The only way we can know if you're a good fit is to review your music & application, actually talk to you, learn about your goals and challenges, and determine if this makes sense.
If you want something you can just pay for, we'll give our $47 "One Fan Challenge" course that is open to the public. But when it comes to clients we work with personally, we are very selective about the who we choose to work with.
  • Will you actually listen to my music before the call?
Yes, and we'll give you our honest feedback. 
Full disclosure, if we listen to your music and feel it is not hitting the quality it needs to, we will have to cancel the call and refer you to someone who can help you improve the quality. 
We don't want to waste any of your time or money, so we only accept clients we believe have music that is marketable.
  • I'm a busy person. Do I have time for this?
If you are a busy person, you sound exactly like every single one of our clients. You are either working a job (or jobs) to support your music career, or you are already touring/doing music full time. If you have at least 7-10 hours per week to focus on your music marketing, you have plenty of time for this. We likely won't be telling you to spend more time on your music business; instead, we will be helping you make the absolute most of the time you do spend. If you don't have 7-10 hours per week to focus on growing your music career, we can't help you.
  • I have music released, but it's old. Should I wait to get started until my new music is ready?
It's really up to you, but probably not. Keep in mind, your previously released music may be "old" to you, but it is brand new to the millions of potential fans who haven't heard it yet. Our focus will be to help you build an audience with your already-released content so that next time you release a song/album, you have a large pool of fans who are eager to listen & pay you for it. This will maximize the impact of every future release and ensure that you never again have to deal with the pain of releasing a song you poured your heart into, only to have it reach nobody.  
The truth is, unless you already have an active email/texting list with 1,000+ engaged fans, we will probably recommend that you wait to release any new music until we have helped you build a substantial audience full of fans ready to consume it.
  • My music is unreleased... Will this still work for me?
Yes! If you haven't released music yet, you probably don't have an audience yet. If you release your first song to the public without an audience, you will be sending it out into a void of nothingness and sadness where nobody will hear it. 😢  This would be a very discouraging experience for your first release. 
Our marketing strategies work just as well, often better, with unreleased music as it does for already-released music. 
If your music is unreleased, our focus will be to help you build an audience with your music before you release it publicly so that when the time does come for your release, you have an army of fans who are eager to pre-save, share, watch, buy, and stream it.
  • I don't have a website or any kind of online presence... Will this work for me?
Yes, these are the things we help artists build... And that's probably why you made it all the way to the bottom of this page. Because you know you need help with these 3 things. As long as you make great music, we can help you with the rest.
  • Is this a "one size fits all" approach, or are you actually going to personalize this with me?
If by "one size fits all," you mean that we have worked personally with 431+ musicians and have proven a step-by-step system that we will personally implement and set up with you together... Then yes, it is a "one size fits all" approach. But I doubt that's what you were asking. The reality is, even though we have a proven system, our coaches are going to work personally with you to fine-tune and optimize the system for your specific needs. It's pretty much the opposite of "one size fits all."
  • Is this going to work for my genre?
As long as your music sounds good, this will work. After working with 431+ musicians, it's safe to say there is not a single genre (or sub-genre) of music we haven't worked with. Based on our experience, the interesting thing is that our fan funnel system works exactly the same no matter what kind of music you make. Our end goal will be to get you to a point where you have your own little "corner of the internet" with your ideal fans. If they are out there, we will help you find them. Again, your music does have to sound good, and we will vet your music before accepting you into the program to make sure your music meets quality standards.

A Quick Overview of the Process

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"6 Steps To Explode Your Fanbase And Make A Profit With Your Music Online"


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