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3-Day Online Workshop Reveals How To Tour Successfully, Make a profit, And explode Your Fanbase
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You're Going To Learn...
  • How to create dedicated "super fans" who will come out to your shows and support you forever.
  • A simple trick that allows you to overcome Facebook's new algorithm - so you can greatly improve your social media reach...
  • The fastest way to grow your fanbase so you don't have to rely on the same friends, fans, and family coming to your shows - just use our "fan funnel system"
  • An exact copy of our step-by-step blueprint for you to start booking shows in new cities successfully
  • ​Tons more but running out of room here :-)
Your Instructor
Michael Walker - Keyboardist of Paradise Fears and Founder of Modern Musician™
As a lifelong musician, Michael's passion for playing shows and connecting with fans has grown from practicing in his drummer's garage, playing local shows, to working with Grammy award-winning producers, garnering 17+ million views on YouTube, releasing a #2 Alternative Rock album on iTunes, touring and playing shows for hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide.
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